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Bringing cheer to AHS

By Kelly Carcamo/J-Line Writer ~

If you walk through the cafeteria after school, you’ve probably seen Dance teacher Cindy Marches leading the Varsity Cheer Team through practice drills.

Marches, the AHS Varsity cheer coach, has been a teacher in Humble ISD for 10 years.  She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Information System Technology, has a Dance Certification, and also teaches Dance I.

Marches has been married for 23 years to husband Richard and has three children: Rachel, 22; Brittany, 19; and Richard, 14. 

Q: Why did you want to become a dance teacher? 

A: The main reason I became a teacher is to become a drill team director.  I enjoy teaching dance and drill team (called dance team now) was a major part of my life in high school.

Q: Who came up with the idea of starting a group of girls called the Diamond Dolls?

A: Diamond Dolls have been a baseball support group for many years.  I believe it began on college campuses and trickled down to the high school level. The AHS Diamond Dolls have been around since the school opened.  I did not start the organization.

 Q:  Do you think girls would be interested in participating in this and why?

A: Many girls enjoy baseball but many of the Diamond Dolls are baseball players’ girlfriends.  Some girls participate because they want to be involved in a school organization and they like baseball!

 Q: How do you think the players would feel when the girls start cheering for them?

A: The boys enjoy having the girls cheer for them.  Unlike football, baseball does not have cheerleaders or the fan base so the diamond dolls support and encourage them.

 Q: How many girls can there be in this group?

A: The number of girls varies but is based upon the number of Varsity baseball players

 Q: Is this for all grades?

A: Seniors and Juniors are considered first.  After that sophomores.  No freshman.

 Q: What has been the funniest thing that you’ve seen at AHS?

A: I don’t get out of the dance room much so I can’t think of anything! Sorry!

 Q: What made you want to teach here at AHS?

A: I transferred here from Humble High School.  I wanted to stay in the district but wanted a shorter drive since I live in Huffman.

 Q: What were you teaching? 

A: I taught BCIS, Career Connections, Intro to Business, & Dance 

Q: Are the Diamond Dolls going to cheer for boys or girls?

A: Only boys.

Q: Would they have to go to every game day to cheer?

A: They are encouraged to attend all home district games.   

Q. Are you going to have a helper? If so, who?

A: I am no longer sponsoring the Diamond Dolls.  They currently need a sponsor.

Q: Did you plan to be a dance teacher when you were little?

A: A teacher, yes. A dance teacher, no.

Q: What encourages you teach to young girls to dance?

A: Dance & Drill Team.  I loved my first drill team director and wanted to do the same job as her.  I love dance and want to share that with others like it was shared with me.  

Q: 15. Did you always like to dance?

A: Yes, of course!

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