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The college advantage

By Edgar Galvan/J-Line Writer ~

For some high school students, college is a necessity. For others, it is just a waste of time.

However, research has shown that getting a degree can pay off in many different ways. According to the Digest of Education Statistics, people who get a degree have better opportunities in their future lives. Studies showed students with only a high school diploma earned an average of $12,585 less than a college graduate. 

 “I used to think that college was for everybody. I think that if you have that knowledge, it is important that you go to college,” said Sylvia Guillory, a teacher at Atascocita High School. “College allowed me to change careers and also allowed me to start out my work with a high paying job.”

There are many other reasons to get a degree.

College graduates will get higher pay and a better position at a job compared to someone who just has a high school diploma, according to the Postsecondary Education Opportunity Research Letter, an education research organization.

 A person holding a bachelor’s degree will earn $1.6 million more than a person with only a high school diploma during their lifetime, the Postsecondary Education Opportunity Research Letter found.        

“College gives an opportunity to broaden someone’s career,” said Jacqueline Morrow, Gold 2 Counselor at Atascocita High School. “There is a push for students to go to college because if a student were to get a degree, they would make so much more money in life.”

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