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Counselors help steer path to future

By Alex Rynearson/J-Line Writer ~

College. It’s a big deal that can jumpstart the rest of someone’s life. But often, high school seniors need sorting through the issues and choices leading to higher education.

Counselors can be a crucial source of help in clearing the path to college.

When students come and sit down in the counselor’s office, they get one-on-one time deciding what they are going to do about their college career, said Tye Hobbs, Red House 1 counselor at Atascocita High School.

The counselors help students by giving them a series of steps to get ready for college, said Hobbs. With these steps, a senior can continue the process of transformation from high school to college.

The first step in getting ready for college is to research on the top three colleges that the senior would like to go to, said Hobbs. By picking three colleges, the students has two more options to get into a college if one choice does not accept their application.

“The first college is the one that the student really wants to got to, the second college is if they can’t get into college number one, then they have a backup,” said Hobbs.  “But college number three is in case they can’t get into one or two, then they can absolutely get into number three.”

After the senior has done research on the colleges of their choice, they can go back to the counselor and  figure out what they need to do for step number two, which is find out if they want to attend a two-year college or a four-year university, said Hobbs.

When that is all done, the counselor talks to the student about the options of attending a small community college with 50 students in a class or going straight to a  big university with 150 students in each class, said Hobbs.

The next step is to decide whether the senior wants to stay in Houston or Texas. If they decide to leave the state, they need to consider which state they would like to go to, said Hobbs.

Then comes the search for appropriate loans for the senior or scholarships.

“After we have already figured everything else out, we then pull out a book called the ‘Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation’, which is a book that shows all the important information on each college,” said Hobbs. “’Minnie Stevens Piper’ shows us what the SAT and ACT scores need to be to get into a college, what classes the senior has to have completed before they graduate and how the senior can apply to the college; along with a list of questions that are frequently asked.”

The counselors also host a senior conference in the middle of the fall semester that provides the senior class with more information.

 “At the senior conference, we tell them what they need to know about graduation from high school, financial aid for college, and lots of other information about college,” said Janet Graczyk, AHS Red House 2 counselor.

 Seniors also have to get mentally prepared because they know that they were at the top of the totem pole in high school, but now they are going to be right back at the bottom again.

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