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Challenges ahead for teachers who stay

By Mikaela Wall and Ashley Vance/J-Line Writers ~

Hillary Fortenberry is not worried about his job, but the Atascocita High School World Geography teacher is worried about grappling with bigger class sizes next year.

Fortenberry, who said he is confident that he will be back next year, is concerned that he will have trouble “keeping kids on task” and wonders how teachers will be able to handle so many students.

David Duez, who teaches Pre-AP World History, will also be returning next year – and also expressed concern about the obstacles that will face AHS teachers.

 “We are going to be challenged, there is no doubt about that,” said Duez, “There is potential to have 220 students per teacher.  Dividing that by six classes, you are looking at classes of 37 kids.”

Guy Sconzo, the Superintendent of Schools at Humble Independent School District, has said that 580 positions must be cut across the district.

“I am not an expert in school financing.  But, then again, who can be with this convoluted and ridiculous system they have designed?” said Duez. “Honestly, I am not sure how they can go district to district and divvy out cuts or monies. That seems like an impossible puzzle to put together.”

Despite the chaos and stress, Duez still has faith and looks at the bright side.

“We have amazing teachers at this school.  With absolute confidence I can say that this group of teachers will continue to work as hard as they can to support our student’s learning,” said Duez. “This budget crisis will knock us off our stride as a school, but I am confident we will keep on running.  We have a tremendous faculty and staff.  For that we are very lucky.”

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